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What will your Western experience be like?

These current students have integrated internships, community engaged learning courses, study abroad and entrepreneurship into their studies.

What will you choose to do while studying at Western?

Jasia · Arts & Humanities

Jasia chose to study abroad in France while completing her degree with the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts & Humanities and French Studies. These experiences have made Jasia’s Western experience extraordinary.

Adam · Arts & Humanities

Adam chose to complete an internship at Westland Gallery while studying Art History and Museum Studies at Western. He learned how to curate art, install and archive it. The internship rounded out his degree and challenged him in ways he didn't think possible.

Shoshauna · Engineering

Shoshauna chose to combine her Chemical Engineering degree with an HBA from Ivey so she can combine her passion for cosmetics with business. She also travelled to France to experience the industrial side of engineering. She now sees the world in a whole new way.

Bryan · Engineering

Bryan chose to conduct research at the undergraduate level and travel to Germany while studying Mechanical Engineering at Western. These experiences allowed him to live out his dream and gain a competitive advantage.

Katie · Health Sciences

Katie chose to complete a kindness project investigating the mental health of undergraduate students using kindness as an intervention for her independent study. This project has allowed her to apply what she learns in the classroom to the real world.

Danilla · Health Sciences

Danilla chose to study Health Studies at Western because she wanted a lot of choice. She is enjoying the opportunity to participate in interdisciplinary courses and learn in active learning spaces. 

Jennifer · Kinesiology

Jennifer chose to study Kinesiology at Western because she has always loved sports and science. Kinesiology is a great combination of the two and, at Western, she has the opportunity to learn from physiotherapists at Fowler Kennedy, a leading centre for sport and exercise medicine located on Western’s Main Campus.

Zaiq ·  Kinesiology

Zaiq chose to go on exchange to Australia while completing his Kinesiology degree at Western. This practical experience helped Zaiq to better understand what he was learning and why it is important.

Jamie ·  Nursing

Jamie chose to study Nursing at Western because it is so student- focused and student-centred. During her studies she received exposure to all the different types of nursing. Her placements were in various areas of the hospital as well as the community.

Rachel ·  Nursing

Rachel chose to study Nursing at Western because of the simulation labs. Working alongside faculty members in the simulation labs develops your confidence before you embark on your first practical placement.

Simran · Information & Media Studies

Simran chose Information & Media Studies at Western because it was the only program that combined the critical media theory she wanted with practical skills and a beautiful campus. She has found FIMS has really developed her curiosity about the world. 

Spencer · Information & Media Studies

Spencer chose to combine his Information & Media Studies degree with Music so he can apply his creativity in various production fields. He is building the best experience he can while studying at Western.

Kendra  · Music

Kendra chose Popular Music Studies at Western because it is one of the only programs like it in the country. Through this program, Kendra is making her music come to life in the recording studio where she writes, records and produces music.

Morgan  · Music

Morgan chose to combine Music Education and French Studies so she can pursue her passions. She is finding it equally challenging and rewarding to pursue her passions at Western.

Jermiah · Science

Jermiah chose to study Integrated Science at Western because he wanted a quality education with a balance of community. Western has given him that. 

Nadia · Science

Nadia chose to study Integrated Science at Western because of the interdisciplinary approach to teaching. The program has provided her with an enriching experience she can’t find anywhere else.

Montana · Medical Sciences

Montana chose to get involved with student clubs, groups and teams during his studies at Western. He is the VP of the Science Students’ Council and enjoys the opportunity to work with people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Zameena  · Medical Sciences

Zameena chose to study Biochemistry and Cancer Biology at Western so she can focus on cancer research. She is taking what she learns from all the different people, different programs and different perspectives, and applying it to her own learning.

Marisa · Social Science

Marisa chose to take her studies in International Relations and French to the next level by spending nine months in the South of France. Her studies at Western and abroad have made her university experience unforgettable. 

Nicolas · Social Science

Nicolas chose Western because it offered the best combination of high-quality academics and athletic standards. He uses all of the supports available to him at Western to remain a successful student (Dean’s Honor List) and varsity athlete (Western Mustangs Defensive Line).

Brendan ·  DAN Management

Brendan chose to study Consumer Behavior at Western to assist with his DJ business. The program has helped Brendan with his brand, understanding his clientele, accounting and day-to-day networking.

Connor ·  DAN Management

Connor chose to make his Western experience entrepreneurial by joining the DAN Management Student Association and attending networking events to meet potential employers. He also completed an internship in the financial services industry to gain real-world experience.