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First Year Calendar

In preparation for Summer Academic Orientation, we highly recommend students review our webpage for New Students.

As a parent, you can encourage your student to review the webpage for New Students, keeping in mind the program to which they have been admitted, the module(s) in which they would like to enrol (i.e., Honors Specialization or Major), and future academic goals (such as professional programs or graduate degree options).

It is important for students to understand which first-year courses are required for their program and how many electives they will take in first year. Reading the calendar will inform students of this information. There are brief course descriptions located in the latter part of the calendar so students can get an idea of the topics being covered in each course and the secondary school prerequisites required in order to enrol in each course.

When students complete the SAO Course Selection worksheet and bring it to their advising session (or have it on-hand for telephone/Skype advising sessions), they will find the time spent with the advisor is more productive. Students who are not prepared will realize they may need to read the calendar and select their courses online without the assistance of our student leaders.

Remember, you are welcome to attend SAO at Western. We allow up to two guests per student. Sign-up begins in early June.