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Ontario Secondary School Applicants

If you are currently attending an Ontario secondary school, you must complete an Ontario Secondary School Diploma including each of the following to be considered for admission:

Applications should be submitted in the Fall prior to the year in which you are seeking admission.   

Note: Some programs may require specific courses from Ontario secondary school applicants to be eligible for enrollment. The Ontario Admissions Requirements chart describes these requirements. 

Additional Admissions Information

Special Consideration Profile 

This form will allow you to provide information about circumstances that may have adversely affected your academic performance in secondary school.  Circumstances may include: financial issues, required employment, disability, illness, or other personal or family matters.

Extraordinary Extracurricular Activities and Contributions to Citizenship Profile

This supplementary profile is designed to recognize your commitment to extracurricular activities and active citizenship through your ongoing contributions to school and community life. If you believe your average will fall marginally below the University’s minimum admission requirements, and you have made significant contributions, you are eligible to submit a profile.