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Huron Parking Lot

Here’s how you can have complimentary parking the day of your tour:

  1. Drive to the Huron Flats Student Parking Lot – on the map, it’s the teal coloured lot with an S
  2. Take a ticket to enter the lot and keep that ticket with you (but keep it away from all credit cards, as this can deactivate it and you’ll need it to exit)
  3. Use this Campus Map Tool to get to the University Community Centre (UCC), which is where the Campus Tour Centre is located.
  4. When you get to the Campus Tour Centre, your tour guide will give you a complimentary parking pass.
  5. To exit the parking lot, you’ll insert your original ticket, then scan the bar code on the pass the tour guide gave you.

If the Huron Flats Student Parking Lot is full, you may choose to park in another gated Student Lot – Althouse (H), Medway (R), Ontario (N), Springett (I) or Visitor Lot (these are navy blue on the map) Social Science (J), D.B. Weldon (D) or Alumni/Thompson (M). During the regular academic year, the campus is busy and access to any lot will depend on space availability.

If you choose to park in a metered spot, pay-and-display spot, or another lot on campus, we will NOT be able to reimburse you for your parking.