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Admission Bursary

We will guarantee you a minimum $1,000 admission bursary for September 2019 if you are admitted directly from a secondary school in a Canadian province outside of Ontario, are registered in the first year of an undergraduate program on Main Campus, and are receiving Canadian federal or provincial student loan assistance. You will be eligible for a minimum $1,000 bursary each year for a maximum of four years as long as you continue to be registered on Main Campus, receive student loan assistance from Canadian federal or provincial programs, and as long as you apply for bursary assistance from Western’s Main Campus each year.

How to Apply for an Admission Bursary

Visit our Admission Bursary Application website to complete an application form. Once the application has been submitted, you will receive a bursary decision by email in 2-3 weeks if you have already received an offer of admission from Western. If you apply for an Admission Bursary before you have received your offer of admission, you will receive your bursary decision by email 2-3 weeks after you have received your offer of admission.

How to Apply for Loans from your Home Province

If you are resident of a Canadian territory or province other than Ontario, apply for government student financial assistance through your home province. The amount and type of funding varies according to the respective provincial or territorial guidelines. For more information, please visit our Out of Province Loans website and select your home province.

How Can We Help?

We understand that financing a university education can be a challenge, and we are committed to helping you understand the resources available to support your academic goals.

If you have questions about completing the Admission Bursary application, please contact Kristy Doyley.

If you have questions regarding your finances or need assistance with planning or budgeting, please contact Financial Aid.