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Deadlines for all applicants using the 105 application form

October 2019

October 1 - Online application forms are available. You are encouraged to apply for admission in the Fall of 2019 or early Winter 2020. You may apply online on the OUAC website.

December 2019

Offers of admission to general undergraduate programs begin and continue throughout the winter and spring. Make sure you accept our offer through the OUAC no later than the date indicated on your offer of admission.

January 2020

January 15 - Deadline for Ivey Advanced Entry Opportunity (AEO) applications.  Applicants must indicate interest on the OUAC application and complete a supplementary application available through the Ivey Business School website.

January 15 - Deadline for Engineering CONNECT Profile – Optional.

February 2020

February 14 - Application deadline for Scholar's Electives.

February 14 - Deadline for National Scholarship application.

February 15 - Deadline to complete a supplementary application for Commercial Aviation Management.

February 15 - Application deadline for the Collaborative BScN Nursing program. Register for CASPer.

February 15 - Application deadline for the Compressed Time Frame Nursing Program. Register for CASPer.

February 15 - Deadline to submit a digital portfolio and request an optional portfolio interview for Visual Arts - Studio Arts. Digital portfolios should be submitted via Slideroom.  Visit the Visual Arts website for full portfolio requirements and submission guidelines.

February 29 - Application deadline for the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities (SASAH). 

March 2020

March 1 - 105 Application deadline for Early Consideration for full-time first year studies.

March 1 - CEGEP application deadline.

March 22 - Application deadline for Western Integrated Science (WISc).

June 2020

June 1- Full-time application deadline. Admission is offered on a rolling basis beginning in January. Space is limited, so you should apply well in advance, preferably in the Fall of 2019 or early Winter 2020.

Deadlines for Professional Second-Entry Program Applicants

October 2019

October 1 - Medicine

November 2019

November 1 - Law

December 2019

December 1 - Dentistry

December 1 - Education

January 2020

January - Communication Sciences & Disorders. Visit ORPAS for detailed dates.

January 8 - Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy

January 31 - Business HBA

March 2020

March 1 - Social Work (King’s University College) Bachelor of Social Work

Deadlines for Part-Time Studies Applicants

March 2020

March 1- for Summer Distance Studies, Summer Evening, Intersession

May 2020

May 1 - Summer Day

July 2020

July 1 - Fall/Winter Distance Studies, Fall/Winter Day or Evening