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Financial FAQs

When should my student apply for the Ontario student assistance program (OSAP)?
We recommend students apply to OSAP by June 30 due to the lengthy processing period.

Can my student apply for OSAP without receiving or accepting admission to a university or college?
Yes, a student can submit an OSAP application for each school of interest. Only one application can be processed. Therefore, once admission is confirmed, it is important to ensure that all other OSAP applications have been closed.

Do students apply for OSAP every year?
Yes, a student must reapply to OSAP every academic year. If a student has applied in a previous year, a condensed version of the application will be available.

Is the same amount of funding granted every year?
No. OSAP eligibility is based on financial need; therefore,a number of variables are used in the need assessment calculation. Parental income and student income are significant factors in the OSAP assessment and can vary from year to year.

What is the maximum income level to be considered eligible for OSAP?
Unfortunately, we cannot predict the amount of OSAP funding one may be eligible to receive based solely on parental income. Other factors, such as the number of dependants in the home and RESP contributions, affect the outcome of the assessment. The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities expects a parental contribution and a very basic calculation is used to determine this: Gross Income (less EI, CPP and Income Tax Paid) = Net Income. Net Income (less the Provincial standard of living according to family size) = Discretionary Income. Discretionary Income divided by the number of dependants in the family attending college or university = Expected parental contribution.

What happens if we are denied OSAP assistance and our  financial situation has changed?
If your student has received a $0 OSAP assessment, but your family situation has changed from the time their application was submitted, we strongly suggest that your student contact our Student Financial Aid Office. Our Financial Aid Officers can review the available OSAP appeals to determine if any are applicable.

Does OSAP consider the family’s personal debt load?
Unfortunately, family and individual debt is not taken into consideration through the OSAP assessment. Spending priorities and debt load vary from family to family. Therefore, OSAP uses a standardized assessment in order that the application and eligibility requirements are equitable.

Does OSAP cover all program expenses?
No. OSAP is considered to be a financial assistance program designed to help supplement the expected contributions of both parents and students.

Can I speak to someone on behalf of my student to discuss OSAP or other financial options?
Yes, with consent noted on the OSAP application. We encourage the guidance and support of parents and feel strongly that you partner with your student in the education process. For other financial matters, including tuition accounts, your student will need to give permission by logging into their Student Center using their Western username and password and selecting the “Release of Information” link under “Personal Information.” Unfortunately, without this consent, we cannot discuss any information with you, due to the guidelines regarding the protection of privacy.

If we do not receive OSAP, my student cannot attend Western. What can we do?
There are many other possibilities for funding a university education and OSAP is only one option. A Student Line of Credit can also be obtained from any banking institution. In addition, Western has an excellent bursary and scholarship program to help supplement OSAP, parental and student contributions.

I am using Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) funds to help with my student’s education. How do I use this money to make payment on my student’s tuition account?
All RESP service providers vary with respect to the release of funding. We advise that you contact your provider for detailed instructions. If your service provider requires confirmation of your student’s enrolment, please contact Student Central to request an official Western letter or to have the RESP form from your provider completed.

What is a bursary?
Bursaries are non-repayable grants awarded based on financial need. Students are required to  fill out the online application in order to have an assessment of their financial need. Western’s bursary assistance ranges in value from $250 – $4,000. This assistance is made possible through generous donations to the University and through the Government of Ontario’s Student Access Guarantee. It is important to note that bursaries are granted to help supplement other financial resources that have already been exhausted.

Students will be considered for both Admission Bursaries and Need-Based Awards by completing the online Admission Bursary application. Need-Based Awards are awarded based on academic merit an financial need. The Admission Bursary application is available in the January preceding the Fall/ Winter study period. For example, if applying for acceptance to Western in September 2016 students can begin applying for bursary consideration starting January 2016.

What is the difference between scholarships and bursaries?
Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit. Bursaries are awarded on the basis of  financial need.

What is the contact information for Student Central?
Student Central
Western Student Services Building Room 1120
Phone: 519.661.2100
Web: registrar.uwo.ca
Email: contact@uwo.ca