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Important Dates for the Academic Year

This information has been developed for full-time, first-year students. Not all activities are applicable to students who are registered in part-time studies.


  • Move into residence (if applicable)
  • Orientation Week activities
  • Pick up bus pass and Student Planner
  • Get to know roommate(s) and residence
  • Find class locations and determine travel time from one class to another
  • Plan study times for the year
  • Last day to add a first-term half course or full course
  • Join a club at Clubs Week
  • Participate in Western Serves
  • First assignments might be due
  • Homecoming events


  • Register for Western’s Co-Curricular Record
  • Mid-term exams begin
  • First visit home might be at Thanksgiving or during Fall Study Break
  • Apply for Alternative Spring Break


  • Mid-term exams continue
  • Mid-term grades are distributed
  • Essays and major term assignments are due
  • Start to prepare for first-term final exams
  • Last day to drop a full course or a full-year half course without academic penalty


  • First-term classes end
  • Final exams begin for half courses
  • Mid-term exams continue for full courses
  • Prepare for the holidays


  • Return from holidays and catch up with friends
  • Classes resume
  • Last day to add a second-term half course
  • First semester grades are released
  • Attend Campus Job Fair


  • Essays and major second-term assignments might be due
  • Meet with academic counsellors to discuss future degree plans and options
  • Begin thinking about selecting a program/module for next year
  • Mid-term exams begin
  • Reading Week/Alternative Spring Break
  • Plan for accommodations for next year


  • Last day to drop a second-term half course
  • Attend an Intent to Register session to prepare for second year
  • Essays and major term assignments may be due
  • Look for summer employment
  • Summer registration begins for those who wish to take summer courses
  • Plan for accommodations for next year
  • Easter holiday weekend


  • Hand in final assignments
  • Classes end
  • Final exams begin
  • Pack up and move home for the summer

Detailed information about Undergraduate Sessional dates (i.e., start of classes, breaks, exam schedules, etc.) can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar.