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Orientation Week


Way back in the day, before the phenomenon of online registration, class registration had to be done by hand. As you can probably imagine, that took a long time – a week to be exact. Gradually, upper-year students on campus noticed that first-year students’ first impressions of Western involved waiting around in line. Something needed to be done! These upper-year students (now called “Sophs”) started to organize events for the incoming first-year students, to welcome them to Western and demonstrate the wide range of opportunities our school has to offer. Orientation Week was born.

Since online registration takes a matter of minutes and now happens in the summer, Orientation Week can focus on welcoming you to your new home, helping you meet other first-year students, and giving you a chance to learn about all the different aspects of life at Western. O-Week has evolved into an incredible and truly unique experience that you are sure never to forget.

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