1. Unique Programs & Academic Choices

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  • 11 Faculties and a School of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies
  • More than 400 undergraduate programs and 88 different graduate degree programs


  • Modular degree structure
  • Concurrent degrees (study two major modules at the same time)
  • Combined degrees (Combine your degree with one of Western's professional faculties)

Cool Courses

  • English 2092F - Special Topics - The Many Faces of Harry Potter
  • History 2186A/B -  Zombie Apocalypse: Panic and Paranoia from the Black Death to Y2K
  • Sociology 4442F/G - Serial Killers
  • FILM 2159B - Disney (Disney Dream Factory)
  • History 3707F/G -  The Business of Wine

Unique Programs for High-Achieving Students