COVID-19 and Your Application

Although our Recruitment & Admissions team is working remotely to do their part in slowing the spread of COVID-19, support for students and applicants still remains our top priority. Every effort will continue to be made to ensure we support you during this unprecedented time.

See more: COVID-19 Information for the Western Community

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Applications and Document Submission

Current Ontario high school students (OUAC 101 Applicants)

Midterm and final grades:

  • Due to the unique semester systems this year in Ontario, it is important that your OUAC application is updated with your enrolment information for all prerequisite courses required for the program(s) which you are applying to. Ensure that your Guidance Counsellor sends your enrolment information, midyear and final grades to the OUAC by the 101 deadlines.
  • If you do not have a grade in a prerequisite course, do not worry. We will review your application based on a combination of Grade 11 and Grade 12 grades available at the time of each offer round (provided your application is showing enrolment in prerequisite courses).
  • You  can log into your OUAC account to confirm proper submission of your grades and enrollment information.
  • If you are registered to take a course outside of your home school, make sure it is a Ministry-accredited and approved school that offers the same rigorous curriculum and level of instruction as your high school. Grades must be reported through OUAC.

Students applying from a Canadian high school outside Ontario

When and how do I send my grades to the Admissions Office?

We will continue to ask students to self-report their grades using our online form. We will only accept the self-reported grades form for the admissions assessment.

  • You are able to self-report grades for all final grade 11 results and any in-progress Grade 12 course.
  • If a new grade becomes available after you have submitted the first time it is no problem! You can go back in and update grades on the form as new information becomes available up to the point the form is being reviewed by an Admissions Officer.
  • We will let you know if more information is required from you after the form is reviewed by an Admissions Officer.
  • You are able to report final or in-progress grades using the same method no matter if you are completing the courses at your home school or as an online/distance courses. 

 Tips for completing the online form: 

  • List ALL Grade 12 courses that will be completed by the end of the year even if no grade is available.  
  • A grade for a prerequisite course is not always needed for an admission decision but we do need to know you are registered in the required prerequisite. 
  • Include ALL institutions attended for high school. If you are taking a courses at their home school and through another institution, list both under institutions
  • attended. 
  • Do not include Challenge for credit courses. We do not use challenge for credit when assessing an application. 

Final grades must be submitted to Western from the provincial authority.  Any courses completed online or at distance must be included on this transcript.


If I decide not to complete the optional Alberta Diploma Exam(s) or if any exams are canceled, how will this affect my application for admission to Western?

Western will accept the Final Grade delivered on the official transcript by Alberta Education for each completed course regardless of how that grade was calculated.

International Students

My final exam/test/certification has been cancelled and I can’t meet the Admission Conditions of my offer – what will happen 

Some educational jurisdictions have moved to online classes and/or have moved to alternate ways of providing assessments for course work.  We still are anticipating that we will receive some form of assessment from most educational jurisdictions.  If you are certain you will not be able to meet your conditions by the date on your offer of admission, please contact the Admissions Office directly at

University and College Students

Due to COVID-19 and the disruption of the academic year, pass/fail grades and/or credit granted from winter 2020 courses will be considered in the admission selection process for first-entry undergraduate programs. These courses will also be eligible for transfer credit assessment.

Where marks are available for grades designated as pass/fail grades and/or credit granted transcripts should be submitted with grades showing.

English Language Requirements

If you are required to provide proof of English language proficiency, we recommend that you write one of the acceptable tests as soon as they are available in your region.

Document Submission

Specific instructions on how to submit all documentation will be listed on your Student Center To Do List after you apply. Documents submitted in a format different than requested will not be accepted.

If you applied to Western on an Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) 101 Application Form, your grades will be submitted by your guidance office to the OUAC.