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Summer Anthropology Course at Ontario Museum of Archaeology

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Did you know, anthropology is dedicated to documenting and understanding human beings, wherever and whenever they live(d), in both their cultural and biological dimensions? At Western, Anthropology students study the many ways of being human in the past, in the present, at home and around the world.

In this video, professor Neal Ferris explains what the students in the Anthropology 3396A – Site Management and Service course are working on at the Lawson site, located at the Ontario Museum of Archeology in London, Ontario.

This course focuses on non-invasive techniques, and how to restore a site explored by many previous archeologists and anthropology students. The Lawson site is a Late Woodland Site and was inhabited around 1,500 AD by ancestors of Iroquoian-speaking peoples. Up to 1,000 people may have lived in the village at a time and there were upwards of 30 long-house structures in the village.