British Columbia and Yukon

Assessment Criteria

If you are currently attending a British Columbia or Yukon secondary school, you must complete your secondary school diploma or certificate by June including each of the following to be considered for admission:

  • Five acceptable academic courses numbered 12
    • English 12 or English First Peoples 12
    • Prerequisites for your program as specified by Western

Applications should be submitted in the Fall prior to the year in which you are seeking admission. Your Self Reported Grade Form should be submitted as soon as you receive mid-year grades. If you are attending a secondary school outside Ontario, you are also eligible to fill out either the Special Consideration or the Extraordinary Extracurricular Activities & Contributions to Citizenship Profile

Note: Some programs may require specific courses from out-of-province applicants to be eligible for enrollment. The Admission Recommendations and Requirements chart presents this information for each province in one document.

Additional Admissions Information

    • The final grade for English Studies 12 is used in the calculation of the admission average.
    • If you graduated prior to 2020, the final grade for English 12 (i.e. blended school grade and exam grade) is used in the calculation of the admission average.
    • All Grade 12 prerequisites must be completed. 
    • If a course has been taken more than once, the highest reported successful grade in the course will be used in the calculation of your admission average.
    • Grades obtained through Challenge for Credit will not be used in the calculation of an admission average.
    • Western’s Main Campus does not extend automatic alternate offers of admission.  If you wish to be considered for more than one program, list each as a separate choice on the OUAC application form.
    • Applicants attending high school after completing college and/or university courses must disclose this information on the application form. After you apply, you will be asked to submit official transcripts following the specific instructions listed on your Student Center To Do List.
    •  Upgrading in certain subjects, particularly Calculus, may be required during first-year to satisfy admission or progression requirements for specific programs.

Acceptable Courses

20th Century World History 12
Anatomy and Physiology 12
Any Advanced Placement (AP) 12
Any International Baccalaureate (IB) 12 except TOK
Any Language 12
Asian Studies 12
B.C. First Peoples 12
Calculus 12
Chemistry 12
Communication orale 12
Comparative Cultures 12
Comparative World Religions 12
Composition 12
Computer Programming 12
Computer Science 12
Contemporary Indigenous Studies 12
Creative Writing 12
Economics 12
Economic Theory 12
English First Peoples 12
English Studies 12
Environmental Science 12
Foundations of Math 12
Français langue et culture 12
Genocide Studies 12
Geology 12
Geometry 12
Human Geography 12
Langue et culture de la francophonie 12
Law Studies 12
Literary Studies 12
Music Composition and Production 12
New Media 12
Philosophy 12
Physical Geography 12
Physics 12
Political Studies 12
Pre-Calculus 12
Social Justice 12
Specialized Science 12
Spoken Language 12
Statistics 12
Urban Studies 12

One additional Grade 12 Fine Arts or Music course may be used for applicants to Fine Arts (EAV) or Music (EM, EMA).

Note: This list is not exhaustive. If you have a question regarding the acceptability of a course for admission consideration, please contact the Admissions Office directly.

Those who are considering Western in the future and are entering grade 10, should enrol in the "Common Grade 10 Mathematics" to ensure the correct path toward Western's grade 12 math requirements.