Admission Requirements

High School Students: Wondering how your application will be assessed?

Western University seeks to admit the best possible domestic and international students on the basis of academic performance and potential, and will select applicants for admission based on competitive strength.  Western will consider high school applicants’ achievement on all courses taken in grades 11 and 12 in the admissions process.

All applicants to Western must meet the minimum requirements for admission consideration including:

  1. General admission requirements pertaining to the educational jurisdiction in which an applicant has studied,
  2. High school pre-requisites for the faculty/program to which they are applying,
  3. English language requirements if applicable,
  4. The strength of mandatory supplemental information (profile, audition, portfolio, personal statement etc.),
  5. Admission average as calculated by Western.

Western may also consider other aspects of an applicant’s complete academic record in rendering an admission decision including, but not limited to:

  1. Attendance at multiple high schools where there are distinctly different patterns of performance,
  2. The number of times courses have been attempted and the associated pattern of achievement,
  3. Breadth, rigor and relevance of high school courses,
  4. The relative strength of any required test scores.

Where these issues are identified, applicants will be given an opportunity to provide additional supplementary information before an admissions decision is made.

Western is committed to achieving diversity within our student population  This includes insuring our international student body represents a wide range of regions and countries, so that we reflect the many and varied viewpoints that all of our students bring to the classroom.