If you are currently attending the pre-university CEGEP program, you must complete the following to be considered for admission:

  • Minimum of 12 academic semester credits
  • Possess a minimum average of 80%
  • Prerequisites for your program as specified by Western 

Applications should be submitted in the Fall prior to the year in which you are seeking admission.  Please ensure that your Quebec Permanent Record Code is included with your application.

Note: Some programs may require specific courses to be eligible for enrolment.  Please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office for further information.

Additional Admissions Information

  • Physical Education is not included in the calculation of your admission average and cannot be used as one of your minimum 12 academic semester credits.
  • If a course has been taken more than once, the highest reported successful grade in the course will be used in the calculation of your admission average.
  • Western’s Main Campus does not extend automatic alternate offers of admission.  If you wish to be considered for more than one program, list each as a separate choice on the OUAC application form.
  • Applicants attending high school after completing college and/or university courses must disclose this information on the application form. After you apply, you will be asked to submit official transcripts following the specific instructions listed on your Student Center To Do List.
  • Upgrading in certain subjects, particularly Calculus, may be required during first-year to satisfy admission or progression requirements for specific programs.

Transfer Credit Eligibility

If you are registered in or have completed year two in the pre-university program, you may be eligible for transfer credit consideration. Conditional transfer credit may be awarded for courses in which you are currently registered. The awarding of transfer credit is at the discretion of the Undergraduate Admissions Office. This decision is based upon:

  • The program of study in CEGEP.
  • The desired program of study at Western.
  • A minimum overall average of 75% in those courses for which transfer credit consideration is given.