International University Transfer

Admission Requirements

Individuals applying as transfer students must have achieved a minimum overall average of 70% in all previous university studies at an accredited degree-granting institution and have experienced no extensive academic difficulty to be considered for admission.

If you are attending university and are in first-year, a conditional admissions decision may be made based on strong first year, first semester results and a strong final secondary school average. If you are in second year or higher, you will be considered for conditional admission on the basis of a mid-year transcript. 

Post-secondary  transcripts from any and all post-secondary institutions attended are required.  Academic transcripts must be submitted directly to Western from the institution(s) attended.  If your documents are issued in a language other than English, you must also provide notarized literal English translations.

If you are issued a conditional offer of admission, you may be required to have your official academic transcript sent directly from the proper issuing authority along with word-for-word English translations, to World Education Services (WES) Canada for authentication and verification. **

Specific instructions on how to submit all documentation will be listed on your Student Center To Do List after you apply. Documents submitted in a format different than requested will not be accepted.


  • Due to limited enrollment some programs may require a higher admissions average.
  • Meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission.
  • Applicants without a secondary school diploma and who are not 21 years of age or older must have credit in at least five full university-level courses in order to be considered for admission. 

Transfer Credit Eligibility 

Transfer credit may be granted for courses completed at another accredited university with a minimum mark of 60% (in the context of Western's grading scale) in each course to be transferred. These courses must be recognized as covering an acceptable amount of subject matter and meet the academic standards of Western.

The Office of the Registrar and the Dean of the faculty to which the student has been admitted shall have sole jurisdiction over the granting of transfer credit pursuant to the policy on Admission and Transfer. 


  • Credits granted may be either generic/non-specific credits or exact equivalency credits.
  • Some transfer credits granted may not fit into a degree dependant on the program of choice. New students should make an appointment with an Academic Counsellor for program planning.
  • Courses from universities outside of North America must be individually assessed to determine if they are eligible for transfer credit. 
  • Official course descriptions or syllabi including credit hours, year level of study and description of course content including text(s) used will be required to assess your credits for transfer.  A copy of both the original and a certified copy of the English translation (where applicable) is required. 
  • Courses from a recognized accredited international university will be eligible for transfer subject to degree, grade and program requirements when there is an essential equivalency in course content.
  • Official course descriptions or syllabi for first year English, Math and Science courses from U.S. accredited universities and junior college will be required.

Residency Requirement

Transfer students must complete a minimum of 10.0 Western courses including at least 5.0 courses at the senior level to be eligible for a Western degree. Also, the majority of courses in each module must be completed at Western or its Affiliated University Colleges. New students should make an appointment with an Academic Counsellor for program planning.

Letters of Permission/Visiting Students

Permission to take courses at Western on Letter of Permission must first be granted by your home institution. For additional information on how to apply to be a Visiting Student at Western, visit the Registrar's website.

Applicants Already Possessing an Undergraduate Degree

Applicants who have already graduated with an undergraduate degree are referred to as Special Students. You will be considered for admission as a Special Students if you have a degree from an accredited university that is equivalent to at least a 3 year Bachelor’s Degree at Western and if you have achieved a minimum overall average of 60% in the context of Western’s grading system.

Admission to an undergraduate program does not imply acceptance into a graduate program. Applicants who intend to enter a graduate program should consult with the School of Graduate Studies and Postdoctoral Studies.

Special Students who applied for graduate studies at Western, who were not admitted and were recommended to take some undergraduate courses in order to improve their application for graduate studies, are not guaranteed admission to an undergraduate program or course(s) at Western. These students must follow the same application procedures and meet the same admission requirements as other undergraduate applicants.

Students are not eligible to graduate with a degree from Western for a subject in which they have already earned a degree. For example, an individual who applies to Western who already holds a degree in biology from any university will not be eligible to graduate with a second degree in biology from Western. However, he or she may be eligible to enroll in biology courses at Western for the purposes of upgrading or supplementing previous education.


** Western University reserves the right to cancel your application, withdraw a final offer of admission or revoke registration if there is a discrepancy between the documents originally submitted and the official final (updated) results submitted to WES for authentication and verification.