Bursaries and Financial Aid

International Student Work Opportunities Program (ISWOP)

The International Student Work Opportunities Program (ISWOP) is an on-campus employment program that allows students to work in various paid part-time jobs. Students must meet specific criteria.

International Student Emergency Loan Fund

The International Student Emergency Loan Fund is a limited fund available to international students in emergency situations. Such emergencies may arise as a result of medical expenses, a delay in transferring funds from outside Canada and unforeseen but necessary expenses. There is no interest charged on these short-term loans. Students in need can borrow a maximum of $500.

International Student Bursary

The International Student Bursary program enables undergraduate international students in financial need to continue or complete their program at Western by allotting bursaries that range from $300 to $2,000.

For details and eligibility criteria for ISWOP, the International Student Emergency Loan Fund or the International Student Bursary program, visit or contact the International and Exchange Student Centre by email at iesc@uwo.ca or by phone at +1-519-661-2111 ext. 85908.

Student Finances

Student Finances provides financial support and guidance to students during their time at Western through a variety of financial aid programs, including bursaries. Bursaries are nonrepayable grants awarded on the basis of financial need.