Canadian College

  • If you are currently attending or have attended a certificate or diploma program at a college in Ontario, or at a College of Applied Arts and Technology or Institute of Technology outside of Ontario, please follow the requirements listed below.
  • If you are currently attending or have attended a Canadian Junior College or university transfer program at a college in Alberta or British Columbia, please follow the university transfer guidelines.

Admission Requirements

Students applying to Western from a College of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT) or an Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning (ITAL) within Canada must present one the following to be considered for admission:

  • Minimum cumulative average of at least 78% in a two-or three-year Diploma program, or
  • Minimum cumulative average of at least 80% in the first year of an acceptable General Arts and Science program.
  • Averages quoted are minimum requirements only and do not guarantee admission.
  • There may be secondary school level prerequisite courses necessary to be eligible for registration in some Western courses or to be eligible for admission to some programs. Please contact the Admissions Office for more information before applying.

Transfer Credit

If you are completing a two- or three-year diploma program and meet the admission criteria, you may be elgible for admission with transfer credit.  In addition, Western has partnered with a number of Ontario Colleges to create pathways through transfer credit agreements.  Please review the details of Transfer Credit Eligibility for more information on transferring credit from an Ontario College and a complete list of Western's articulation agreements. 

transfer credit eligibility

Collaborative Programs

Western offers two collaborative programs with Fanshawe College:

  • Western-Fanshawe Collaborative Bachelor of Science Nursing – This program offers students the opportunity to study at Fanshawe for the first two years and then at Western in years three and four. Graduates are eligible to apply to the College of Nurses of Ontario for registration. There is also a Western only nursing program available for those who are not interested in the collaborative program.
  • Music Recording Arts – This program is a combined three year degree from Western and two year diploma from Fanshawe. Students in this program will study at Western for the first, second and fourth years and study at both Western and Fanshawe for years three and five.

Note: These are all limited enrollment programs. Please see the specific program information for details on additional admission requirements and program prerequisites.