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Affiliated University Colleges

Students attending any one of our three Affiliated University Colleges also have access to Western's facilities. They enjoy and participate in academic opportunities and student life in both environments. Students who graduate from an Affiliate receive their degree from The University of Western Ontario.

Exterior image of Brescica University CollegeBrescia University College

Founded in 1919, Brescia is Canada’s only women’s university. With a population of approximately 1,500, Brescia’s approach to education is student-centred and personalized. Brescia offers small classes, personal attention from faculty and staff, interactive teaching and engaging leadership opportunities. Brescia has a strong sense of community, combining its Catholic heritage with a diversity that welcomes students of all backgrounds.
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Huron student with laptopHuron University College

For more than 150 years, Huron University College has delivered an elite university experience. In the spirit of fostering wisdom, foresight and integrity, Huron integrates social responsibility, ethical leadership and community engagement with the traditional advantages of the Liberal Arts.
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Exterior image of King's University CollegeKing's University College

Founded in 1954, King’s University College is a Catholic university affiliated with Western University. With approximately 3,500 undergraduate students of which approximately 500 are international, King’s is committed to the ongoing creation of a vital academic community animated by a Christian love of learning and the pursuit of truth.
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