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Kendra chose Popular Music Studies at Western because it is one of the only programs like it in the country. Plus, you can combine it with a number of other programs at Western. Kendra chose to combine her Popular Music Studies degree with Women’s Studies, so she did not have to choose between her two passions – she can do both! What will your experience be like at Western?

Discover your student experience

Become part of a close-knit community of students, faculty and staff. We are perfectly sized to contribute to a supportive learning environment while – as one of the largest music faculties in Canada – offering an exceptional range of musical and academic options, starting with a common first year.

Participate in one-on-one weekly lessons with the finest musicians from around the world, and a student-peer mentoring program.

Access a broad range of specialized course offerings including The 21st Century Musician, Music and Politics, and Progressive Music Pedagogies. We offer numerous opportunities to combine music with other subjects.

Study what you love

  • Composition
  • Music Education
  • Music Research*
  • Performance
  • Popular Music Studies
  • Music Recording Arts (Combined with Fanshawe College)
  • Music Administrative Studies
*The new BMus Honours in Music Research - effective September 2020 - reflects the diversity of music scholarship today. A single stream of courses permits upper-level students to choose flexibly from offerings in music history, music theory, and popular music studies.

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Areas of Study

  • Composition (BMus Honours)
  • Dance (BA – Minor Only)
  • General (BMus and BMus Honours†)
  • Music† (BA – Major or Honours Specialization)
  • Music (BA – Minor)
  • Music Administrative Studies† (BA)
  • Music Education (BMus Honours)
  • Music Research (BMus Honours)
  • Performance - Orchestral Instrument (BMus Honours)
  • Performance - Piano (BMus Honours)
  • Performance - Voice (BMus Honours)
  • Popular Music Studies (BA)
  • Western-Fanshawe Collaborative Music Recording Arts (BMus – MIA)

 *Minors which cannot be completed alone as a degree.
†Can be combined with the Ivey Business School


  • Bachelor of Music (BMus) (4 Years)
  • Bachelor of Music with Honours (BMus Honours) (4 Years)
  • Bachelor of Arts (BA) (4 Years)


  • One-Year Artist Diploma
  • Music Performance Diploma (3 Years)