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Experience a friendly and creative learning environment. Whether you are in a small class of ten or a large lecture hall with every seat filled, have your voice heard using clicker survey technology, Twitter messaging or small group discussions.

Engage with our 3M National Teaching award-winning instructors in class, during office hours, in dedicated collaborative workspaces or over the summer as you gain research experience in their labs.

Cultivate critical-thinking and communications skills with group projects, during field courses to exotic locations or during virtual field trips across the Internet to work collaboratively with students just like you from across North America.

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Areas of Study

  • Actuarial Science†
  • Advanced Chemistry*
  • Advanced Physics*
  • Animal Behaviour†
  • Applications of Computer Science*
  • Applied Financial Modelling*
  • Applied Mathematical Methods
  • Applied Mathematics†
  • Applied Statistics
  • Astrophysics†
  • Biochemistry and Chemistry†
  • Biodiversity and Conservation†
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry†
  • Computer Algebra*
  • Computer Hardware Design*
  • Computer Science†
  • Conceptual Astronomy*
  • Data Science†
  • Ecosystem Health
  • Environmental Geoscience*†
  • Environmental Geoscience Program for Professional Registration†
  • Environmental Science†
  • Financial Modelling†
  • Game Development*
  • Genetics†
  • Genetics and Biochemistry†
  • Geology†
  • Geology and Biology†
  • Geology Program for Professional Registration†
  • Geophysics Program for Professional Registration†
  • High Performance Computing*
  • Information Systems†
  • Integrated Science with Biology
  • Integrated Science with Chemistry
  • Integrated Science with Computer Science
  • Integrated Science with Earth Sciences
  • Integrated Science with Environmental Science
  • Integrated Science with Genetics
  • Integrated Science with Mathematics
  • Integrated Science with Physics
  • Materials Science†
  • Mathematical and Numerical Methods*
  • Mathematical and Statistical Sciences†
  • Mathematics†
  • Mathematics in Society†
  • Medical Physics
  • Neuroscience†
  • Physics†
  • Physics of Materials*
  • Planetary Science & Space Exploration*
  • Scientific Computing and Numerical Methods
  • Software Engineering*
  • Statistics†
  • Theoretical Computer Science*
  • Theoretical Physics

* Available as a minor only; cannot be completed as a degree alone.
†Can be combined with the Ivey Business School

Foods and Nutrition Programs

  • Food Science and Technology**
  • Nutrition and Dietetics**

**Programs and modules in Foods and Nutrition are offered through Brescia University College, in collaboration with the Faculty of Science. Female students only are welcome to apply to Brescia University College while both male and female students are welcome to apply to Main Campus. These modules lead to BSc degrees.


  • Bachelor of Science (BSc) (4 Years)


  • Diploma in Game Development